SPA = BTC0.00

Road map

Blockchain explorer
API for connecting exchanges
Promotional materials:
  • Brand book,
  • Marketing kit,
  • Presentation,
  • Promotional merchandise,
  • FAQ.
Creation of a compiled node for all OSes:
  • Windows,
  • MacOS,
  • Linux.
Listing token on
Listing token on
Real-time network graphs and statistics.
Localization of the website, wallet, and blockchain explorer into 20 languages.
Create a user-friendly forging application with a clear web-interface
Develop a new website design: more convenient and informative.
Listing token on new exchanges and p2p platforms.
Listing on cryptocurrency monitoring websites (
Forging calculator.
Desktop wallet:
  • MacOS,
  • Linux,
  • Windows,
  • Chrome OS.
Wallet for mobile devices:
  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Windows,
  • Blackberry.
Creation of our own hardware wallet or support for existing hardware wallets.
nLocktime transactions. They can be used and confirmed by the network only after a certain period of time. This is very convenient for decentralized exchanges.
Multiple signatures are an additional protection against scammers who try to steal wallet data to perform a transaction. A network participant can specify several other trusted network participants. When a transaction is created from the participant’s address, his or her proxies will receive a request to confirm or reject the transaction. In other words, transactions will not be approved without their permission. You decide whether your wallet requires multiple signatures.
Ability to use several addresses (hd-wallet) for one wallet. BIP-31/BIP-44.
Dynamic block resizing to support network scalability without a hard fork.
Ability to dynamically change the block generation frequency, so that network scaling, if necessary, will not require a hard fork.
Ability to dynamically change the number of transactions in 1 block, so that network scaling, if necessary, will not require a hard fork.
Local exchanges/offices to exchange cryptocurrency; job positions for promoting cryptocurrency through seminars and presentations.
Creation and operation of crypto-ATMs.
Development of a mini-computer with an automatic update system to serve as a home node.
Our own cryptographic wallets that can be used to withdraw and deposit fiat money through crypto-ATMs all over the world.
Support for VISA/MasterCard cards. The card balance will be displayed in SPA. But if the account holder wants to withdraw cash, funds will be converted automatically to fiat currencies at the current exchange rate. Such cards will be especially helpful in low-income countries with unstable national currencies, whose residents lack bank accounts.
Advertising platforms that award an SPA for guessing the CAPTCHA or performing some other action, similar to Bitcoin faucets, which give out a few Satoshi for comparable actions.
Popularization and introduction of cryptocurrency not only on exchanges, but also in other areas.
Software for “paper” wallets.
Atomic cross-platform transactions (swaps) between cryptocurrencies.
Additional network to safely synchronize and update wallet settings.
Ranking among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.
Preparation of other promotional materials, including 2 videos on cryptocurrency: a promo and technical details.
Creation of a .onion site and a node for the TOR browser.
Smart contracts and smart assets.
Crowdfunding for systems using SPA.
ICO platform using SPA.
Blockchain-based platform for decentralized peer-to-peer lending.