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More about trading

Trade cryptocurrencies quickly and safely at the current exchange rate.

How trading works:

  • Enter the amount you want to buy/sell. The system automatically calculates the transaction amount and displays approximately how much you will receive.
  • Enter the address where you want to receive the cryptocurrency, and indicate your email address. Click “Buy/sell”.
  • A trader order is created with a specific number. A corresponding notification is sent to your email address. You are taken to the order page.
  • Send the transaction amount to the specified address.
  • As soon as your transaction has received the specified number of confirmations, the cryptocurrency will be sent to your address automatically at the exchange rate at the time of the last confirmation.

Concerning exchange rate fluctuations:

We always execute trades automatically at the current exchange rate. The exchange rate is fixed at the time of your transactions’ last required confirmation.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the final transaction amount may be more or less than the tentative transaction amount.

For example, suppose:

  • You create an order and send the cryptocurrency.
  • While the transaction is being confirmed, the exchange rate of the transferred cryptocurrency rises by 5%.
  • You will receive 5% more than previously indicated.

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