SPA = BTC0.00

How to use a new application?

  1. Download and run it on your computer.

    (To run the application you may need to install Java version 8 or later first. Go to to download and install it.)

  2. Open the following webpage in your browser: After you run the app, blockchain download will start.
  3. When the download is over, enter your mnemonic phrase in the relevant box.
  4. Click the “Start Forging” button. This is it! After you click the button, you will see the forging process begin.

Your computer now supports the SPARTA network operations and, if all conditions are met, has a fair chance to generate a block and receive a reward.


  • Closing this tab will not shut down the app. In other words, even if you close the tab in your browser, forging will be carried on in the background. However, the computer must remain powered.
  • Clicking the "Shutdown Node" button will completely shut down the app (shut down the process on the computer).

The application is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Download application