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Earning opportunities

A unique feature of decentralized cryptocurrencies is the opportunity to make money. They make it possible for you to earn several times more than at your normal job and support yourself for the rest of your life. SPARTA provides this very opportunity.

Your age, profession, and education do not matter. You do not need to study at a university, pass exams, or obtain licenses. You simply start making money. A computer and a good head on your shoulders are all you need. With SPARTA, you can make money in two ways: by forging and by investing. Let’s go over each in detail.

1. Forging (mining)

You can earn SPA independently by mining, i.e. helping to support the SPARTA network. You create new blocks and get rewarded. SPARTA uses the Proof-of-Stake concept, so this process is called forging (PoS-mining).

What is the difference between mining and forging?

Mining requires powerful computers. It requires expensive processors, video cards, and huge electricity costs.
Forging is not based on computer power, but on user account balances. SPA tokens (coins) are used instead of processors and video cards. Each token is a forging tool. Thus, forging is more convenient and simpler than traditional mining, because a regular computer is powerful enough.

Forging and the amount of the reward

To support the operation of the SPARTA network, participants install and run special software, thus receiving a chance to create a new block on the SPARTA network. The probability of creating a new block is distributed among all network participants using a special formula that depends on their addresses balances. The more SPA tokens are in an account, the greater the chances of creating a block.

For the purpose of protection against malicious users, tokens affect the ability to create blocks only one day after they have been credited (1,440 blocks).

When you create a block, you receive a reward. The reward consists of:

  • Fees on transactions within the block.
  • An additional reward of SPA tokens for creating the block.

The reward for forging depends on the number of SPA tokens in your account:

  • If you have between 888 and 999,999 SPA (inclusive) in the account, you receive only the sum of the transaction fees.
  • If you have 1,000,000 SPA or more in the account, you are also awarded newly created SPA tokens.

To avoid centralization, all miners with the balance of 1,000,000 SPA or more have an equal chance of creating a new block. That is, if one miner has 1,000,000 SPA in an account and another miner has 25,000,000 SPA, they have the same chances of creating a block.

If you have more than 1,000,000 SPA, it is recommended to divide coins and do forging on different servers and at different locations — countries, cities, etc. (it will be much more useful for the SPARTA network). The SPARTA network will automatically track and punish unscrupulous miners who use several computers with a balance over 1,000,000 SPA at one location just to enrich themselves rather than advance the network.

The reward for a block changes dynamically depending on the total number of blocks created (total elapsed time).

Period Number of blocks Number of coins Block Reward
Premine 0 888,888,888 -
1 500,000 4,000,000,000 8,000
2 500,000 2,000,000,000 4,000
3 500,000 1,000,000,000 2,000
4 500,000 500,000,000 1,000
5 500,000 250,000,000 500
6 500,000 125,000,000 250
7 500,000 62,500,000 125
8 500,000 62,500,000 125
Total 4,000,000 8,888,888,888 -

According to the table, the initial reward block will be 8,000 SPA. Then, it will become 4,000 SPA after a certain period of time, and so on.

How to Start Forging

To start forging, you only need a wallet with a minimum number of tokens and a special application to be installed on your computer.

You must create a SPARTA wallet and add SPA tokens to your account. A minimum of 888 tokens are required to start forging. The more tokens you have, the more chances you have to create blocks and receive rewards.

Create a wallet
If you have a wallet, go to step 2.

Complete an outbound transfer. This is necessary to display your public key in the SPARTA network. You can even generate an additional address and send the tokens to yourself. The important thing is that you complete an outbound transfer for any amount. You can only begin forging after this transaction has received at least 1440 confirmations.

You must run a special application on your computer. After the application is started, it automatically begins supporting the SPARTA network. When a block is created, the miner receives a reward. This process is automatic. All you need to do is to run the application which will earn SPA tokens for you.

Download application
How to use a new application?

Enjoy SPARTA forging and create a new decentralized financial future. Simply, remember the example of Bitcoin: in 2009, 1,309 BTC could be purchased for 1 USD. Now, 1,309 BTC are worth millions.

Therefore, by mining SPA tokens now you have a chance to ensure a better, happier future for yourself since the cryptocurrency rate is expected to grow. And remember that the sooner you start forging, the more reward you will get for a block. Do not miss your chance!

2. Investing

SPA tokens are not necessarily mined independently. As any other currency, you can buy tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies and earn on exchange rates.

Buying and reselling

Like other cryptocurrencies, SPARTA has its own exchange rate that is determined by the market. SPARTA is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency that is much faster and more convenient than other cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, it is considered extremely promising and might be more expensive than other cryptocurrencies. SPARTA cryptocurrency is both convenient and profitable to use.

You can make money in three steps:

Buy SPA coins at the current exchange rate.
Wait for the rate to go up.
Sell SPA coins (including fractional amounts) at a higher price than you bought them.

Practice has shown that long-term investments in cryptocurrencies are more profitable than short-term investments.

Let’s take Bitcoin as an example of the growing exchange rate. Generally, the Bitcoin rate is continuously growing, faster from year to year.

  • — When Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and 2010, it only cost a few cents. You could have bought 1,309 bitcoins for USD 1.
  • — In 2013, one bitcoin cost USD 150.
  • — In mid-2016, it cost USD 500.
  • — In January 2017, it cost USD 1,000.
  • — In spring 2017, it cost over USD 2,500.
  • — In summer 2017 — USD 4,500.
  • — In autumn 2017 — USD 6,200.

No other investments in real estate, precious metals, or company shares can provide such phenomenal returns. Taking other cryptocurrencies as an example, Litecoin and Ethereum, not to mention Bitcoin, initially cost a few cents, but have appreciated a thousand fold.

Therefore, buying SPA now gives you the chance to sell them for a hundred times your purchase price after a certain period of time. You could even become a millionaire. Currently, you can buy SPA at a very good price. Take advantage of this opportunity!


In addition to long-term and short-term investments, you can also profit from exchange rate fluctuations. You trade SPA coins on exchanges and make money on the difference between purchasing and selling prices.

Here’s how it works:

When the rate goes down, you buy cryptocurrency.
When the rate goes up, you sell it at a profit to other people.

In fact, this is similar to stock trading, but it’s available to everyone. Instead of stocks, you trade SPA coins. There are a lot of manuals and useful videos online about cryptocurrency trading. Anyone can become a trader and make good money. This is your chance to start a new independent life!

You can find a list of exchanges where you can buy and trade SPARTA here

Happy investing and trading!

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