SPA = BTC0.00

For cryptocurrency exchanges and listings

The purpose of the SPARTA cryptocurrency is to build honest and fair financial relations among people.

To achieve this goal, it is very important for SPARTA to gain the largest possible foothold in the cryptocurrency markets: we want to give everyone a convenient opportunity to trade SPA for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies, as well as a chance to earn money at auction and by investing. At the same time, we must also provide the ability to watch the cryptocurrency grow, check exchange rates, monitor dynamics, analyse its rating, and so on.

Accordingly, we are trying to have SPARTA added to various cryptocurrency exchanges / trading platforms / monitors and indexes. We would be happy to see SPA on your sites.

Essential information:

Cryptocurrency name: SPARTA
Symbol: SPA


Technology: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
Block generation: 1 per minute
Transactions per block: 888
Total coins: 8,888,888,888 (~ 9 billion).
You can see the current number of coins in real time at

Users can participate in forging (PoS-mining). The chances of creating a block depend on the SPA balance in an account.

Instruction on launching a SPARTA node:

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The SPARTA team has retained 100,000,000 SPA to develop the cryptocurrency:

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Please write to [email protected] with any questions about listing SPA tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms, monitors, and indexes.