SPA = BTC0.00

SPARTA is a New-Generation Cryptocurrency
9 Reasons to Start Using SPARTA

  1. Blockchain technology.

    The authenticity of any payment can be easily verified, and cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited or hacked. SPARTA is decentralized, so states and companies cannot influence operations inside the system.

  2. Transfers to anywhere, any time.

    SPARTA transactions are performed 24/7. You decide when, to whom, and where to send the cryptocurrency.

  3. Always the lowest fees.

    You pay minimum fees on SPARTA transactions. Unlike the fees for other cryptocurrencies, SPARTA fees are adjusted dynamically to remain as low as possible. The fee was introduced to protect against DDoS attacks.

  4. Security.

    SPARTA prevents various network attacks, giving fraudsters no opportunity to act.

  5. Convenience and accessibility.

    Anyone can use SPARTA. SPA can be easily exchanged for fiat money at any time through exchanges and exchange platforms.

  6. Proof-of-Stake.

    Instead of wasting enormous computing power, user account balances are used to ensure network security. Thus, conventional computers and laptops can support the network. There is no need to buy expensive equipment or pay huge electricity bills.

  7. Worthwhile reward for participating in the SPARTA network.

    You will receive the sum of all the fees on the transactions in a block. If certain conditions are satisfied, you are also guaranteed to receive a reward in the form of newly created SPA tokens. The size of this reward, which is initially 8,000 SPA per block, will change every 500,000 blocks.

  8. Protection against inflation.

    In all, almost 9 billion coins will be created. Unlike fiat money and most cryptocurrencies, SPARTA is backed by a limited number of tokens and protected against inflation. All new SPA tokens will be mined in about 8 years.

  9. High capacity, fast transactions.

    A new block is created on the SPA network every minute. SPARTA processes over 1,278,720 transactions per day, which means you can send money anywhere in the world quickly for a minimal fee. By comparison, Bitcoin supports a maximum of 300,000–400,000 transactions per day.

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