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Cryptocurrency is essentially digital cash. It is both a digital currency and an online payment system that operates independently of states and central banks, relying on encryption technologies to regulate money creation and facilitate money transfers.

SPARTA satisfies all these requirements. It makes the most of all the advantages of Bitcoin while simultaneously mitigating its shortcomings. SPARTA is an extremely convenient, secure, and universally accessible cryptocurrency. It is a compelling peer-to-peer electronic cash system. SPARTA was created in October 2017.

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Daily trading volume:

Forging (mining) SPARTA

You can earn SPA independently by mining, i.e. helping to support the SPARTA network. You create new blocks and get rewarded. SPARTA uses the Proof-of-Stake concept, so this process is called forging (PoS-mining).

  • Total wallets:
  • Number of blocks:
  • Number of coins:
  • Block Reward:
The amount of nodes with 1000000+ SPA Daily income, SPA
1 4,000
2 8,000
3 12,000
5 20,000
10 40,000
20 80,000
Current exchange rate:
Total SPA:
Daily trading volume:

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Creation of our own hardware wallet or support for existing hardware wallets.
nLocktime transactions. They can be used and confirmed by the network only after a certain period of time. This is very convenient for decentralized exchanges.

News and announcements

It's official now! The reward per block has been halved.

Dear friends! SPARTA has halved its forging reward. The reward is now 4,000 SPA per block instead of 8,000 SPA.

If you think it's a bad thing, we want to assure you it's certainly not. Halving has proved to be highly efficient in Bitcoin. It mitigates inflation, curbs supply and boosts price growth which is good news.

Sincerely yours, SPARTA Team!

SPARTA Launched a Bounty Campaign! Up to 3,000,000 SPA in bonuses!

Dear friends, SPARTA continues to grow, and we're launching a new stage — the Bounty Campaign. We intend to use this campaign to grow our community which is building fair financial relations with no intermediaries.

We offer anyone wishing to do so the means to obtain and test SPA coins hands-on + we offer a nice bonus to all buyers of cryptocurrency

Try out new SPARTA forging application with easy-to-use and user-friendly interface — version 1.0.1!!

Supporting SPARTA network operations and getting a reward in the form of SPA tokens is a lot easier now!

We’ve released a new version of node software — 1.0.1. The update includes a patch for minor bugs and the much-anticipated, easy-to-use interface for forging which will facilitate support of network operations and receipt of reward. We recommend all owners of SPARTA nodes to migrate to the new version.

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